Reaching for me

Our identity is a scared object. Our being-in-the-world is creational mastery in expression. The very fact of our existence is proof of how marvellous we are. And yet, being human can be hard. The interplay between our own identity and other people’s is where the joy of life is as well as the pain. We… Read more “Reaching for me”

The Path of Self-connection

Beyond all opinions, ideas and moralising is a realm of knowing that is visceral, intuitive, inspired and personal. It is the integrating and becoming of your holy trinity of body|mind|spirit – a singular weaving of will and flesh that is your temple, your canvas, your being-in-motion. Through self-connection we learn what cannot be taught. we… Read more “The Path of Self-connection”

The Myth of Self-harm

Words can give us all sorts of wrong ideas about things. When I think of self-harming I immediately think of stories I’ve heard of people cutting their own bodies. I’ve never done this. I have driven along a road a night with my eyes closed daring myself to keep them closed as long as I… Read more “The Myth of Self-harm”


DARKNESS GROWS Change begins with where you are, and Growth is what you’d like to see. You must die to what you are, to become what you are to be.


Clarity can sometimes be a hard one thing. I realised today at the age of 39 that for most of my life I have sought fulfilment in the world of form. I realised today that truly, my heart is not in it. I was with a woman last night, a beautiful and funny woman, sexually… Read more “Homecoming”

My life as a sinner

Looking into the reflection of Christ I see my own faults and failings. I know about love through Grace, kindness, truthfulness and humility and I know about love’s absence through separation, conceit, enmity and hollowness. In me, I see the ways I love and the ways I don’t. I’m sitting in a cafe reading CS… Read more “My life as a sinner”

The Erotic Christian

Cumming to God through sex and sexuality. God wants to fuck you. Let him Your man wants to fuck you. let him. Your woman wants you to fuck her. So fuck her. Tie her up, fuck her deeply. Fuck her with the passion of Christ. Fuck her tenderly with all the sweetness and power and… Read more “The Erotic Christian”

This is God’s realm

My body is his kingdom. i am alive in my sensations. I am free in my personal space. Love guides my impluses. Knowing through feeling. I breathe. I sound! I act. My body is God’s temple. Christ leads the way in worship. I follow with my breathing, my feeling and my connection with the Earth.… Read more “This is God’s realm”

Healing beyond therapy

Christ said, “your back is healed. Know me now through movement”. So I got up and went tree climbing. Hours later, I’m pain free in my back. Movements that’d normally bring me pain are painless. What is going on here? Am I being healed by a power greater than therapy? I pressed pause on my… Read more “Healing beyond therapy”

What is Soulcraft?

The soul is my portal to God. The seat of my Human being. The essence of meaningful life. For me, soul craft comes down to three main things: Experience love Rest in being Express authenticity Life provides the opportunity & challenge to build, develop, and refine my human soul. As I do so, I inevitably… Read more “What is Soulcraft?”

Soul Safari

I thought it might be good to share this. It’s something i made a couple of years ago to articulate my literal journey of the soul between the years of 2012 and 2016. There is MUCH more to say on this topic and I might add more to cover the prequal and sequal to this… Read more “Soul Safari”

Unseen forces

You can’t see it but you can feel it coming over you. Immmpulse to urgency. Action in preparation, thought in motion, energy in… -a body holding on, holding back, holding in, holding fast- | ABUSESPONTENAEITYACTIONALARMADVENTUREEUPHORIAANGERALARM | mERCIFUL peace on the otherside BUT FOR HOW LONG? bE aLERT BUT nOT aLArMEd | seek the truth at… Read more “Unseen forces”