Audio philes

There is a deep Mystery to the Word.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
John 1:1

In the end, the best words point beyond themselves, to the experiential realm, the place we call home and the hiding place of God.

Processing Failure & loss and “THE SONG OF FAILURE’

Looking back on choices I made, coming to terms with what they’ve cost me, meeting loss and what I now know about what matters to me

The Sovereign Self & ‘FLOOTABLE’
After a day working in the field and a deep stretch out I was inspired to share my breath, being and movement of mind. My words circle and spiral around the theme of Sovereignty of body, mind and soul as I share my perspective of the precious gift of life, addiction, power, control, death, responsibility and some personal information about my struggles and dreams. Flootable, track credit: Samuel Martin

Journey into Being and ‘JAMMIN GROOVES ONE’.
A meander through the wilderness of Being

Somatic Therapy session : Satan, the adversary


I’ve always loved and been fascinated by language. To me, crafting and expressing meaning is a joy and a mystery. I’m amazed at where words can lead us and where they can’t. Things of great meaning both can and can’t be spoken. Sometimes deeply personal and unfiltered, sometimes light-hearted and irreverent, sometimes loud and violent. I aim to become fluent in all the tones of the Creational Word. I am inspired by the calling of my Soul to share my voice and speak truth to God. Despite the clarity I have around this, I will and already do, miss the mark again and again. I don’t lie intentionally but there are things I believe which are false. There are things I say that are fantasy and not real. I hold back out of fear of reprisal. I aim to speak truthfully but I am limited by my own blind spots, faulty thinking and emotional traumas. But that’s ok. This is a journey of growth and development. It is not a struggle for perfection.

If you feel inspired to add your voice into the mix, feel free to leave a comment below. I welcome hearing from you.

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