Freedom to meet & express your aliveness

Freedom from unhealthy psychic burdens

This work is a creation of a lifetime of formal & informal study, personal experience and creative inspiration. It is a blend of my therapy & education training, as well as my innate psychic instincts, mystic leanings & foundational desire to see our full humanity blossom.

MEeting & expressing aliveness

Aliveness is the core of what we are. In esoteric terms our aliveness is a bestowal from God. A blessing of divinity. It is the interweaving concrescence of our body|mind|spirit.

In practical terms our aliveness is feeling. It is pleasure, pain, desire, frustration, inspiration, creativity, shame, anger, passion, movement, speech, music and dance. It the prime material with which we orchestrate and create our lives. It is the essence of our very selves, our very souls.

Freedom & fulfilment comes from meeting & expressing this aliveness – though this is not always easy or comfortable for us to do. We have an aversion/attraction relationship with our own aliveness, knowing that it will take us on a journey beyond our comfort zone and into a realm of power, charge and sensation that will be exhilarating but also identity dissolving. We are right to be cautious. To be willing to meet ourselves as we are and honour the flow of life within us will challenge and destroy the world we used to live in.

When you are ready for change – whether that’s release from pain, new creations, ending old patterns, growing through developmental tasks – this fear and anxiety will be the doorway to your freedom that you will willingly if trepidatiously step though.

freeing ourselves from psychic burdens

In the way of our freedom, fulfilment & wholeness are our psychic burdens, barriers & blind-spots. Some of these are cultural installations, some are our own nervous system response to the harsh realities of life, & some are woven into the very fabric of the human experience. Themes of unworthiness, martyrdom, hidden resentments & jailousies. base fears of aloneness & death are all part of this invisible but very real landscape of our lives.

Whether manifesting as shame, fear, anxiety, shoulds, should nots, expectations, judgements, opinions, beleifs, habitual actions or some other energy, these psychic burdens impede the flow of our aliveness.

The good news is that we can do something about it. Through the body|mind|spirit, we can explore, meet & recreate the invisible landscape of this psychic realm. It is possible to access the invisible realm of our unconscious agreements, hold-backs & relational transactions trough the creative use of the body. This is what I practice & am trained in.

The psychic realm is ours for the mastering. When it comes to having the space, time & energy to be ourselves (or oursouls) we can and must address the invisible landscape of thought, meaning, culture & identity.

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