Foundations of fulfilment:

crafting an present-centred life

Ultimately, I think we are all looking to walk a path of wholeness. What that means is that we’re looking for the freedom to be ourselves [or technically, oursouls]. And what that really means is that we want to experience & express our aliveness, as fully and freely as we can. This is where life tests us because our nervous system can only handle so much aliveness and it channels that aliveness in certain pathways that can and do limit our authentic expression in the world. There are good reasons for this and we need to find them and discover them because the path to growing, changing and learning is one of integration not of fragmentation. We don’t fight against ourselves. We welcome ourselves as we are. We learn how to embrace our feelings, the aliveness of anxiety, pain, fear, aggression, as well as euphoria, joy, elation and love. And we learn to channel them creatively into life affirming expression.

In my experience the freedom to be ourselves, oursouls, is available but it comes at a price. We have to make contact with the truth of ourselves – the good, the bad and the ugly. We also have to FEEL our way through the shadow material of our lives, noticing and mapping the way we create ourselves in body, mind & spirit. This can be a difficult process but the rewards are great. Unfortunately, a lot of us miss out on the education of how to rebalance our nervous system, master our time, space & energy, and unlock the power of aligned will. The good news is that we don’t have to remain ignorant. No matter our start in life, the support is there to help us move through our developmental challenges. The work to create true change requires Will and Witness and we have to sacrifice our selves to get there. But we can get there. And the view on the other side makes it all worth it.

A little something I like to call SoulCraft

In my work as a mentor and therapist, I help people walk their own unique path of life – meeting their aliveness & expressing their authenticity. I call this work Soulcraft.

One of the tools I use is a shamanic and creative technique I jokingly call the magic carpet. It is a way to get in touch, literally, with the invisible realm of the nervous system as well as invisible psychic blocks and unseen support – all through the living embodied wisdom of our own being.

We create a living landscape of the psyche by inviting the body to tell the story of our experience in relationship. We use sound, movement, & breathing as the fundamental tools for meeting, navigating, expressing & embodying whatever we need to in order to…you guessed it, meet our aliveness & express authenticity.

This journey is unique to each and every one of us. Our lives and relationships, our pains and struggles, our talents & gifts, our fears & secret joys all make up the ‘living landscape’ of who we are and the doorway to our creational fulfilment. It can be helpful to know what to do with this living landscape of our lives, how to move through it, what to create & destroy, and what to focus on and what will take care of itself. I have found it useful in my work with people (and myself) to describe a path we might chart through foundational themes, tasks, abilities & keys. This list is my own and it is incomplete. However it is a beginning. Sometimes, all we need is a place to start..

foundational TASKS



FOUNdational Keys


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