Love is not a four-letter word

I love love. Love is a many splendid thing, love lifts us up where we belong. All we need is love.

Well, I disagree with that last one – I think we need more than love. We need faith, and discernment, adventure and truth. But hey, how much wisdom can I really expect from pop culture?

I am a romantic, I have a high sex drive and I crave intimacy. I grew up watching romantic movies, listening to rock and roll love ballads and having no fucking idea what love really was, what it required or what it really wanted to do in ‘my’ life.

It wasn’t until my life & health started falling apart that I started to learn this elusive and transcendent quality of the world and of relationships.

In a nutshell love is truth. Truth is love. Love is the freedom to be as we are, while holding a vision of what we are yet to be and support for the best way for us to get there. Love doesn’t care about pretty, it doesn’t care about easy. It doesn’t care about many of the things we think are important. It cares about truth, life and the way to wholeness.

In my work and living, Love has three main vectors:

  1. Love for myself
    • I grew up in a culture that shamed the ego, shamed will and shamed personal needs. The greatest  need we have is for love and expression of the truth of who and what we are. When we are unfulfilled in this way we hurt ourselves and others through behaviour and attitude that appears selfish but is in reality deeply selfless. There is no one home in the core of ourselves. There is no love emanating from within. No meeting, healing and integrating the tender, violent parts of ourselves into a greater whole. No vision of service to our greatest expression of health and meaning. Loving ourselves is the beginning of everything and in 2012 I learnt that I was incapable of doing so.
  2. Love of God, nature, Home
    • Lying in a tent in the blue mountains, west of Sydney Australia in 2012, I knew i needed to love myself and I knew equally in that moment that I couldn’t. I didn’t know how, I didn’t feel worthy, I didn’t like myself enough to get that close. So I cried and knew myself in my absolute powerlessness. In that moment, what I can only describe as a beast of love came into me and showed me through feeling and action what i didn’t know and couldn’t do. Since that time, I have had and sought many spontaneous and intentional encounters with the ‘other’ – that power people know by different names. I call it God. I devoted my life to this power in 2019. I serve and am served by it. It is home, it is me, it is the destiny of all living souls. Apotheosis, union, return.
  3. Love of humanity
    • I hate what our world has become. What we call society and culture is an abomination. As an expression of our inner psychic disease, we as a collective humanity have created a fractured and deceptive system of control, abuse and pain that masquerades as the height of civilisation and democracy. We lie and are lied to on a daily basis, we drink dirty water, eat non-food, have a joke of a medical system and are slaves to debt-based economy run by psychopaths who claim right to rule by force. Fuck that.
    • And yet amid that is the human spirit. The warmth of the heart that unites us all in a bond of fellowship that is simply and truly beyond words. The love we have for each other in this world of fuck is simply breathtaking. It is one of our greatest triumphs. This love expresses through friendship, family and of course romance. It expresses through support, play, intimacy, counsel, companionship, disagreement, separation and more. We love each other, imperfectly and yet sincerely. Wounded and retarded, blinded and uncertain, we nevertheless do our best to love each other as ourselves.  

This trinity of love is what I see and experience moving through my life. I am here to serve this love in the way that i can and that leads me to here.

Meeting, growing & sharing the love of our lives.

I am working with people to bring more love into our world. This can take the form of self-love , romatic love or service love. The people I work with are moved by different visions and yet the work is the same: what do they need to see, feel and do in order to bring love & become love in support of their movement towards their goals and visions?


How do i love me? How well am i caring for my deep needs and desires? Can i meet my emotion, admit my fears, feel my arousal, choose inspired action, balance and harmonsise discordant notes within my mind & body? What must I do to honour the light with me?


How do I love you? Can i meet you as you are? What are my underlying transactions, expectations and assumptions? How do i show you love, how do you feel me loving you? Am i in truth with you? Do i dare show you me? Am I in responsibility for my life & path as service to you and in honour of your love & freedom?


How do I love us? Is my project or goal really aimed at love and service? Is it balanced and energised by the will of God and the nurturance of Earth? Am in touch with the miraculous? Does my vision align to what is best for all, including myself? Have I given over control of my life yet?

Some thoughts I had today about serving this work in a wider way:

  • Portals, Initiations & activations for attaining new levels of Love
  • Love maintenance and hygiene
  • Being and becoming love-filled
  • Meeting & honouring the other
  • Loving myself
  • Serving my world

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