The Path of Self-connection

Learning that Cannot be taught

Beyond all opinions, ideas and moralising is a realm of knowing that is visceral, intuitive, inspired and personal.

It is the integrating and becoming of your holy trinity of body|mind|spirit – a singular weaving of will and flesh that is your temple, your canvas, your being-in-motion.

Through self-connection we learn what cannot be taught. we learn ourselves.

Self-connection encompasses the terrain of body|mind|spirit and is made real through relationship, movement, shape and sound – how we think, feel, behave and create in everyday life.

Self connection is a laboratory , within which we learn and discover what we are truly made of. We meet, understand and move through our inner world as it directly and viscerally relates and reflects how we meet & move through our outer world. We practice using our very selves to undo , relearn and recreate our lives.

The body doesn’t lie

Self-connection is a process of authenticity, understanding, responsibility and empowerment. It is a process of healing, self knowing & self-becoming.

In a world of distraction, information, energy predators and a disembodied zietgeist hell bent on transforming living men, women & children into sterilized, corporatised, ideologised automatons, somatically aware, self-connection is the seat of freedom and the home of our humanity.

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