The Erotic Christian

Cumming to God through sex and sexuality.

God wants to fuck you. Let him
Your man wants to fuck you. let him.

Your woman wants you to fuck her. So fuck her.

Tie her up, fuck her deeply. Fuck her with the passion of Christ.
Fuck her tenderly with all the sweetness and power and glory of the kingdom of God.

Open your legs to him. Surrender your body to him.
Go further. Call him into you. Praise him into you. Demand him into you.

Settle for nothing less than your total surrender to the passion of your union with each other under God. Let God have his way with both of you.

See her as the face of God, the body of God, the juice of God
See him as the glory of God, the presence of God, the splendor of God.

And fuck. And fuck. And fuck.

Never stop until you are exhausted of all your passion. Then rest and allow the waves of pleasure to deepen. Let the energy of love and desire you have built together flow and ripple through you. Writhe, convulse, groan, grind, scream, shout, let your waters flow and your spirit soar.

The living temple of our bodies is the church of Christ. It is through our bodies that we worship God or turn away. It is through our bodies that we give ourselves in full-hearted action or hold ourselves back.

In this world, the love of God has become a sterile affair. We’ve settled for a sexless relationship of friendship instead of standing in the erotic tension of God and Man

It’s time to change all that.

Where we meet in sex we create life. Not just literal life in the form of a child but life in the form of light. Soul light. We grow each other in love and deepen your union with God.
This is a vitalising act! It is prayer that ignites the body, blows the cobwebs out the mind and opens the heart to God’s love.

The life of a Christian is never ending. The moment of prayer extends out through time and encompasses all moments. We grow in our devotion, our commitment, our action and our service. And sex, sexuality helps us do this.

In its right place, sex and sexuality energises us, bonds us, replenished us, educates us and deepens us.

So don’t cross your legs in church. Don’t hide your heart from love. Unite your desire with the love that desires you!

The erotic is supposed to stir you up. It’s supposed to get your juices flowing. It exists as the flame of our passion for life. Here on earth we can give our sex away cheaply. We might lock it up in a dusty closet. We might twist it into knots or shackle it to perversion. Or, or we might relax the front of our body. Breathe down our soft fronts. Feel the tingling sensation that comes from simply being alive to life. We can praise God for our very forms, our very existence. And we can humbly and erotically welcome the truth of this moment.
Whether we are alone, in a new relationship, in an old relationship, feeling turned on or suffering the depths of despair, the erotic force is there, maybe quiet, maybe sleeping, maybe loud and maybe clanging. But it is there and it is leading us to temperance, leading us to ecstasy, leading us to fulfillment, leading us to God. Our ultimate lover.

It is our job to be brave and allow the fire of feeling to move through us. We can stand in our faith with our cock & balls, our womb & ovaries, we can have the courage to open our hearts to the love, fear, pain that stirs us. We can admit our sins and let Christ’s example lead us back to our God who made us. We can live as if we are his kingdom. Our very fuckable flesh is our sacrament to Him.
Leave the perverted to their sins.
Leave the unchaste to their sins.
Leave the violators to their sins.

Pray for their repentence and our own

But let us not throw out our sex or sexuality on account of debasement.

Let us claim it for God!
Light of this world, love eternal and bodies of Grace.

Cum to God.
Cum for God
Cum with God.

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