What is Soulcraft?

The soul is my portal to God. The seat of my Human being. The essence of meaningful life.

For me, soul craft comes down to three main things:

  • Experience love
  • Rest in being
  • Express authenticity

Life provides the opportunity & challenge to build, develop, and refine my human soul. As I do so, I inevitably deepen in my union with love, truth and God.

I have tried to live only materially. It didn’t work out. It made me depressed. I have so often, turned away from my inner flame, turned down the volume of my sensitivity to my own heart and truth, and buried myself in distraction, entertainment and comfort. Perhaps I know the value of the soular path because i spent so long running from it. But in the end, no amount of booze, drugs, sex, education or work could satisfy the aching whole within (and i tried to find that amount, believe me). The doorways I pass through, of depression, ennui, hate, fear, despair and addiction – lead unerringly to the pain|purification of my heart, the forging of my will and the expression of my soul.

I am a flawed, hurt, bruised, broken, slippery and sneaky human being. But I am more than all of that. I am on my way home. I have touched down at ground, shed my tears to the Earth and felt the fire of life burn away enough of the pain to see God in the edges of my vision. As my eyes clear and as I return to my senses, another layer of pathos has dissolved in the crucible. My journey continues. Take a breath, enjoy the view. This is creation.

The underlying metaphysics of human being

I think we all have different needs and yearnings of the Soul. While we work through the same themes in life, our paths are as different and varied as the Natural world. We can take pride in our growth and our commitment to unfolding our own unique and precious nature.

Within the individual, soular growth requires different nutrition, action and endevour across a day, let alone a year or a life.

So it is that Soul Craft encompasses a wide spectrum of developmental tasks and milestones. With the basic themes of love, truth and being in mind, the following list gives an indication of some of the themes I and perhaps others address in the process of soul craft:

  • Relationship to God, Life, and the Earth
  • Relationship to truth and deciet
  • Relationship to love
  • Recurrent thought loops | clarity of thought and action
  • Issues of grief, powerlessness, guilt, shame | self esteem, self avowel, love
  • Nervous system hyper arousal | trauma release
  • Ennui, apathy, boredom, addiction, depression | fulfilment, beauty
  • The developmemt of connection, love, safety, support, understanding, joy, expression
  • Efforting | effortless action
  • Energy loss and unfulfilling relationships | rest, recovery, seperation
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary orientations to life | integrity, honesty
  • Dealing with fear and pain avoidance | courage, will, surrender
  • Relationship to the Enemy
  • Relationship to Death, madness | freedom
  • Relationship with darkness, hollow, void.

Nature reveals the path to God

My demons wave at me from the abyss. I smile and tell them i’ll come and play with them soon. They love the attention. I love the challenge.

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